If you're visiting here...

you're probably wondering what my deal is, so here goes:

I graduated University of Florida in 2003 as a computer engineer, and have pretty much been doing it ever since. That and starting companies.

I started my first company with some classmates after I graduated, and worked on over a dozen embedded systems projects with some incredible people.

In 2009-2010, I left my own company to go solo for a bit. I contracted with a startup to develop a prototype of a stereo-vision system for them... there's even a patent floating around somewhere out there...

In 2011 I tried a change of pace and started hacking Ruby on Rails. I coded up the initial prototype for Shadow Health's Learning Management System and helped build their web dev team.

I also really enjoy working with students, and have acted as virtual CEO for an awesome group of UF engineering and entrepreneurship students.

When I'm not doing startup stuff, I help coach the UF fencing team and try to compete whenever I can. I'm also opening up a new fencing club in town.

I love Gainesville, and I love the people in this town.

I'm currently working on a new stealth-mode startup, details coming soon...

Expect a bunch of cool content in the coming weeks...

The insights I've gained thanks to the work of incredibly brilliant and generous bloggers and open source developers continues to amaze me. I figure its time to start giving back to the community that helps me so much.

Seriously! I have a ton of notes and journals I've compiled during my time as a freelance engineering consultant, and from my experiences starting an engineering company.

Attracting and hiring the right people, planning out product strategy, managing software projects with crazy deadlines... I'll be posting all my war stories, and a bunch of cool openCV and Ruby on Rails open source projects as well.

Stay Tuned!

In the meantime...why not email me or follow me on twitter* :p

*especially if you have a good whiskey reccomendation